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Proceedings of the international symposium on electromagnetic distance measurement and the influence of atmospheric refraction

GS 21, P. Richardus (Editor), Proceedings of the international symposium on electromagnetic distance measurement and the influence of atmospheric refraction

P. Richardus (Editor)

Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie 21, Delft, 1977. 347 pagina's.
ISBN-13: 978 90 6132 028 9. ISBN-10: 90 6132 028 3.


  • Preface
  • Organizing Committee  I
  • Programme  II
  • Opening speeches  III
  • Keynote address  IV
  • Presented papers
    • Bradsell, R.H., A simple calibrator for the mekometer EDM instrument 1 - Froome, K.D., Bradsell, R.H., Long-term stability of an NPL mekometer III wavelength standard 7
    • Meier-Hirmer , B., Mekometer ME 3000 - theoretical aspects, frequency calibration, field tests 21
    • Herrewegen van den, M., Testing electro-optical distances on an interferometic base-line 41
    • Allan, A.L., The plane mirror in electro-optical distance measurement 56
    • Stenström, J ., A new laser distance meter with range up to 40 km Aga - geodimeter 600 - 64
    • Parm, T., High precision traverse of Finland and the utilization of it 76
    • Witte, B.U., Precise measurement of vertical distances using electro-optical rangefinders 81
    • Zeeman, F.W., A laser system for ranging to satellites 92
    • Tengström, E., Some absolute tests of the results of IDM-measurements in the field with a description of formulas used in the tests 101
    • Maier, U., Die erfassung der reprasentativen temperatur bei laser-streckenmessungen öber den Rheingraben 127
    • Atia, K.A., Strength of trilateration networks observed in pairs 133
    • Huggett, G.R., Slater, L.E., Recent advances in multiwavelength distance measurement 141
    • Huggett, G.R., Slater, L.E., Pavlis, G., Precision leveling with a two-fluid tiltmeter 153
    • Williams, D.C., First field tests of an angular dual wavelength instrument 163
    • Felletschin, V., Möglichkeiten der genauigkeitssteigerung in der EDM mit licht- und mikrowellen 171
    • Hradelik, L., Determination of crustal movements by threedimensional triangulation 185
    • Stellingwerff Beintema, S., The use of radiofrequencies for electronic positioning systems and the application in Sercel's Syledis 193
    • Hopfield, H.S., Troposperic correction of electromagnetic ranging signals to a satelitte: study of parameters 205
    • Kahmen, H., Some considerations on the stochastic behaviour of the angles of refraction and of the refraction indices, concerning laser- and microwave distance measurements 216
    • Bruckner, R., Scintillationmeasurements of a laserbeam 230
    • Brunner, F.K., Experimental determination of the co-efficients of refraction from heat flux measurements 245
    • Mendel, W., A refraction model for electro-optical range finding in the mountains 261
    • Glissmann, T., A co-incidence method for refraction eliminating angle measurement 276
    • Munck de, J.C., Applying the movement smoothness of a vehicle to determine the position of transponders 290
    • Brunner, F.K., Fraser, C.S., An atmospheric turbulent transfer model for EDM reduction 304
    • Rinner, K., Meteorological correction of laser and microwave distances 318
    • Richardus, P. Masée, R.H., An experiment with a high precision method of alignment 323
  • Meeting of SSG 1.42  328
  • Minutes of the workshop meeting  336
  • Resolutions  339
  • List of participants  340
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