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The commission Geodesy

The Committee on Geodesy focuses on the elements of scientific research and development (research and development) for the ' higher ' Geodesy. The Commission is trying to connect to the global (International) developments and the applied science domains that are now in the committees Marine Geodesy, and Soil movement and sea level variation. This Commission Geodesy will become a geodetic forum and a scientific anchor point of the Netherlands and will in width service the whole field of the NCG, working from an increasingly international perspective. With the establishment of this Committee we start out of a core team that within a year must achieve a balanced composition, assignment and a year/multi-year work plan.

Depending on the topics that are discussed in the Committee on Geodesy, the Commission may be extended with other experts/experts. It is therefore a core team surrounded by a flexible shell of expert on other part of the field. The staffing of the core team is composed on the basis of the background they represent. Representation from GeoBusiness will, in particular, been seen in the flexible shell of experts.

Considerations in the creation of this new Commission are:

  1. For the Netherlands, it is essential that there is a body that represents the guarantors, development of GEODESIC knowledge. For the domain of the ' higher ' Geodesy is the NCG and within it the Commission for Geodesy the overarching national body.
  2. The knowledge area is very international (now reference systems are on the agenda of the UN) and the connection to the IAG (global), EUREF (European), fellow committees across Europe and the NCG-committees is important.
  3. Geodesy will service the whole field of the NCG. Reference systems are an essential foundation for Geodesy and geo-information. This is especially true for the Committees Marine Geodesy, Soil movement and sea level variation. With these themes the connection is essential.
  4. The implementation in the geodetic field organizes in for instance the Dutch cooperation Geodetic infrastructure (NSGI) and The National Initiative Soil movement. Inside the NSGI Rijkswaterstaat, Kadaster, and Dienst der Hydrografie, are working together from their legal task for the geodetic infrastructure.
  5. There is a strong need to share (applied) scientific knowledge and to make it accessible.
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