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Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry

GS 49, P.J.M. van Oosterom, M.G. Vosselman, Th.A.G.P. van Dijk, M. Uitentuis (Editors), Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry

P.J.M. van Oosterom, M.G. Vosselman, Th.A.G.P. van Dijk, M. Uitentuis (Editors)

Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie 49, Delft, 2010. 104 pagina's.
ISBN: 978 90 6132 322 8.

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From the Editorial

This publication contains a selection of papers that result of the seminar ‘Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry’ on Thursday 26 November 2009 at Oracle, De Meern, the Netherlands. This seminar was jointly organized by the subcommissions 'Marine Geodesy' and 'Core Spatial Data' of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission (part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) and the SIM (Spatial Information Management) commission of the OGh (Oracle gebruikersclub Holland).

The theme of the seminar was about the challenges caused by the ever increasing amount of data that is generated by modern sensor systems, both in the wet and dry sectors. To reach a broader audience, both marine (multi-beam echo) and land (LiDAR) data was included. The audience did originate from the Netherlands government/authorities (Netherlands Hydrographic Office, Rijkswaterstaat, Kadaster), research organizations (institutes, universities), and industry (wet and dry data acquisition, Geo-ICT).

It was decided to combine both the wet and dry perspective, with the focus on data management of large point clouds, in order to discover the common challenges to be included in the research agenda. Current solutions may not be sufficient for future needs and therefore new software (data structures, algorithms) and hardware (parallel computing, clusters, grids) need to be investigated.

Prior to the seminar, authors submitted an extended abstract. All 15 presentations as presented are on-line at http://www.gdmc.nl/events/pointclouds. After the seminar the authors were asked to submit full papers and include and reflect the discussions during the seminar. The full papers were then reviewed by the editors and finally the authors submitted revised papers. This publication contains the final selection papers, 10 in total.


Management of massive point cloud data: wet and dry. Editorial  vii
P.J.M. van Oosterom, M.G. Vosselman, Th.A.G.P. van Dijk, M. Uitentuis
Needle in a haystack  1
R.H. Righolt, J. Schaap, L.L. Dorst, E.M. Vos
The art of collecting and disseminating point clouds  9
M.P. Kodde
How the Up-to-date Height Model of the Netherlands (AHN) became  a massive point data cloud  17
L.M.Th. Swart
Recent developments in multi-beam echo-sounder processing - The multi-beam  potential for sediment classification and water column sound speed estimation  33
D.G. Simons, A. Amiri-Simkooei, K. Siemes, M. Snellen
Storage and analysis of massive TINs in a DBMS  45
H. Ledoux
Marine high-density data management and visualization  53
M.A. Masry, P. Schwartzberg
Scalable visualization of massive point clouds 59
G. de Haan
Mapping the world with LiDAR  69
S. Coppens
Handling large amounts of multibeam data  75
S. Broen
Virtualising large digital terrain models  85
G.G. Spoelstra
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