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The NCG publishes results of research (geodesy and geo-information), workshops and symposia in the series:

All publications are only available as pdf-file (free of charge). Since 2011 the NCG publishes only digital publications and has stopped selling earlier printed publications.

Nowedays the universities also have their own websites for publishing results of research. The publications can be found bij the following links:

Scientific publications can also be found by the website www.narcis.nl, This website is serviced by the DANS organisation.

Geodetic Work in the Netherlands

The Netherlands Geodetic Commission has made reports for the General Assembly of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) on the geodetic activities in the Netherlands (triangulation, precise leveling, geodetic astronomy, gravimetric observations, determination of the geoid, etc.) for the period 1924 up to and including 1994.

  • For the period 1924 - 1929 the reports are published in French with the title 'Travaux Géodésiques aux Pays-Bas'.
  • For the period 1930 - 1938 the reports are published in English with the title 'Geodetic Activity in the Netherlands'.
  • From 1940 the reports are published in English with the title 'Geodetic Work in the Netherlands'.

The reports can be previewed and/or downloaded as pdf:

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