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Geo-information Standards in Action

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NCG/GIN Farewell Seminar Henri J.G.L. Aalders, Delft, 17 November 2004

Peter J.M. van Oosterom (Editor)

Nederlandse Commissie voor Geodesie 42, Delft, 2005. 98 pages.
ISBN-13: 978 90 6132 289 4. ISBN-10: 90 6132 289 8.


This publication is the result of the seminar ‘Standards in action’ on 17 November 2004 jointly organized by ‘Geo-Informatie Nederland’ (GIN, section Geo-ICT) and Netherlands Geodetic Commission, sub commission Geo-Information Models (NCG-GIM). The seminar is organized in the context of the official farewell of Henri Aalders, who has taken the opportunity to enjoy an early retirement.

The theme of the seminar was not just (geo-information) ‘standards’, but it was decided to put some additional focus on the actual implementation and use of standards in practice. As mentioned above, geo-information standards have always been one of Henri Aalders favorite topics (and specifically metadata and quality aspects) and therefore ‘standards in action’ is a very suitable topic for his farewell seminar to proof that the collective efforts in this domain have indeed been fruitful. As the NCG, Subcommission GIM already organized a seminar on metadata, called ‘GeoMetaMatica’ (Heres, 2004) a good foundation has been created for the current seminar, which will again start with metadata. Then related topics, such as GML, (Dutch) geo-information policy, standardized basic and domain models and OpenGIS portals will be dealt with. However, it will not only be theory (presentation), the standards will also be used and tested in practice in front of the audience during the 3rd GML relay in the morning session and the ‘OGC web services in action’ session in the afternoon.


  • Editorial, P.J.M. van Oosterom
  • Geo-information standards in action, P.J.M. van Oosterom and J.W.J. Besemer
  • ISO TC211/Metadata, D.M. Danko
  • The Geography Markup Language (GML), C. Portele
  • The third GML relay, M.E. de Vries and P.J.M. van Oosterom
  • Policy and standards, N. Hooyman
  • A standard supporting semantics in a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), M. Reuvers
  • GeoPortals and interoperability: The role of open standards and web service architectures, T. Thewessen
  • OGC Web Services in action, P. van de Crommert, F. Langelaan and J. van Winden
  • Henri Aalders 'in action', B.M.J. Possel
  • Laudatio, M.J.M. Bogaerts
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