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Advanced geographic data modelling. Spatial data modelling and query languages for 2D and 3D applications

Martien Molenaar and Sylvia de Hoop (eds.),  Advanced geographic data modelling. Spatial data modelling and query languages for 2D and 3D applications, 40

Martien Molenaar and Sylvia de Hoop (eds.)

Publications on Geodesy 40, Delft, 1994. 259 pagina's.
ISBN-13: 978 90 6132 249 8. ISBN-10: 90 6132 249 9.


The conference calendar of 1994 showed a coincidence of two international meetings with an overlap in their field of interest. These were the international symposium on Spatial Data Handling (SDH) in Edinburgh and the symposium of ISPRS Commission III in Munich, both in the week from 5 to 9 September. Because of the fact that omnipresence is still not one of the faculties of men, not even of GIS specialists, the Subcommission on GIS of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission took the initiative to organise a workshop where participants of both meetings could meet. This initiative was made in cooperation with members of the ISPRS Intercommission Working Group III/IV on "The Conceptual Aspect of GIS", but due to ISPRS regulations the meeting could not be put of the ISPRS calendar. An organising committee was formed in which the department for "Surveying and Remote Sensing" of the Wageningen Agricultural University took a major responsibility.

The organising committee decided to have a workshop with a limited number of participants (about 35) to have ample time for paper presentations and discussions. They selected the title "Advanced Geographic Data Modelling" for the workshop and the call for papers was for contributions on conceptual modelling for GIS, with topics of special interest like: data modelling, spatial query languages, dimensional aspects, multi scale problems and uncertainty and fuzzy data. Most of these are longer standing problems in GIS research, but they still require full attention of researchers because many questions are still open. That was also demonstrated by the fact that there was a large response to the call for papers. From the received extended abstracts the programme committee selected about 60% for presentation, the authors were invited to hand in full papers to be distributed in the workshop. There the papers have been presented and discussed in ten very lively sessions. Jan van Roessel from ESRI was invited for an opening address in which he treated the vector overlay problem in in relation to data modelling. He put this problem in the perspective of his 20 years of experience in data modelling in GIS. Donna Peuqueto f the University of Pennsylvania reviewed the presented papers and the discussions in a wrap up at in the final session of the workshop. She discussed the presented research as a present state in the (short) history of the development of concepts in GIS. After the meeting the authors got the opportunity to update or rewrite their papers so that they could take advantage of the discussions in the workshop to improve their texts. These final papers you find collected in these proceedings.

The fact that the workshop got the short working title AGDM'94 means that we hope that more workshops in this set up will be organised in the future. Most of the participants asked for a continuation, so we have to see how that can be realised. We certainly hope that somebody is willing to take the initiative.

The Subcommission on GIS of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission would like to thank the organising committee and the programme committee of the workshop for the work done to make AGDM'94 a success. We specially like to thank Sylvia de Hoop who played a major role in the organisation. We also would like to thank the sponsors who were very generous in providing funds to cover a substantial part of the costs of the workshop. But most of all we like to thank participants of the workshop for their active contributions in both presentations and discussions. Through their contributions we had a very lively meeting of a very good quality.

Martien Molenaar
Chairman of the Subcommission on GIS
Netherlands Geodetic Commission


  • Foreword  v
  • Organization and Sponsoring  vii

Opening Address,

  • Jan W. van Roessel, The Vector Overlay Puzzle: Where Do the Pieces Fit?  1

Semantic Data Models

  • Mark Gahegan, Formal Semantics for the Integration of Image Data into GIS  19

Spatial Querying

  • Volker Gaede and Wolf-Fritz Riekert, Spatial Access Methods and Query Processing in the Object-Oriented GIS GODOT  40
  • Vincent Schenkelaars, Query Classification, a First Step towards a Graphical Interaction Language  53

3D Modelling

  • Klaus-Peter Gapp, A Computational Model of the Basic Meanings of Graded Composite Spatial Relations in 3D Space  66
  • Peter van Oosterom, Wilco Vertegaal, Marcel van Hekken and Tom Vijlbrief, Integrated 3D Modelling within a GIS  80

Application Oriented Modelling

  • Bert Veenendaal, Developing a Model for Geographic Data Distribution in a Distributed Geographic Information System  96
  • Volker Walter and Dieter Fritsch, Modelling and Storage of Road Network Data  109

Dynamic Data structures

  • Christopher M. Gold, The Interactive Map  121
  • Morakot Pilouk, Klaus Tempfli and Martien Molenaar, A Tetrahedron-base3dD Vector Data Model for Geoinformation  129

Modelling of Fuzzy Data

  • Geoffrey Edwards, Aggregation and Disaggregation of Fuzzy Polygons for Spatial-Temporal Modelling  141
  • Martien Molenaar, A Syntax for the Representation of Fuzzy Spatial Objects  155

Multi-scale Modelling

  • Dianne E. Richardson, Contextual Transformations and Generalizations of Remotely Sensed Imagery for Map Generation  170
  • Michela Bertolotto, Leila De Floriani and Enrico Puppo, Multiresolution Topological Maps  179

Query Languages

  • Christophe Claramunt and Michel Mainguenaud, Identification of a Definition Formalism for a Spatial View  191
  • Alia Abdelmoty and Howard Williams, Approaches to the Representation of Qualitative Spatial Relationships for Geographic Databases  204

Cognitive Aspects of GIS

  • Steven C. Hirtle, Towards a Cognitive GIS  217
  • Ryosuke Shibasaki, Handling Spatio-Temporal Uncertainties of Geo-Objects for Dynamic Update of GIS Databases from Multi-Source Data  228

Closing Session

  • D.J. Peuquet, Advanced Techniques for the Storage and Use of Digital Geographic Data: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?  243
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