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Gravity surveys in Surinam and The Netherlands Leewards Islands Area, 1958-1965

PoG 12, J. Veldkamp (Editor), Gravity surveys in Surinam and The Netherlands Leewards Islands Area, 1958-1965

J. Veldkamp (Editor)

Publications on Geodesy 12 (Vol. 3 Nr. 3). Delft, 1969. 77 pagina's.
ISBN-13: 978 90 6132 212 2. ISBN-10: 90 6132 212 X.


In this publication the outcome is presented of gravity measurements carried out in Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles.

The first part is a report taken from the doctorate thesis by Dr. J. van Boeckel (thesis Amsterdam, 1968). The author made a detailed gravity survey in northern Surinam in the years 1958 and 1960. He travelled thousands of miles, mostly by corjaal (= canoe), and made more than 400 gravity stations along the Surinam rivers. The gravity field of northern Surinam appears to be characterized by a belt of negative anomalies in the centre of the country, and by a region of positive deviations in the western part. The author gives an explanation of the important anomalies which is based on the present knowledge of the geology of Surinam, and on a comparison with other countries of comparable tectonical structure.

The second part is a description and interpretation of gravity anomalies in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. The author, Dr. R.A. Lagaay, wrote a doctoral thesis (Utrecht, 1968) on his geophysical investigations on the Netherlands Leeward Islands. He carried out gravimetric and geomagnetic observations on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, during the summer of 1962, at about 250 stations. Further gravity measurements at the surrounding sea were made in the Navado III project (1964-1965). The author has tried to broaden the original plan of investigations to a much wider view on the gravity of the southern Caribbean Sea. By comparing the gravity anomalies with data obtained by other authors, he has succeeded in finding an interpretation of the anomalies, and also an explanation of the mechanism which determined the crustal structure in that area.

Both authors deserve the high appreciations and thanks of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission for their important gravity work and for rewriting parts of their doctorate theses for this publication.

The Editor, J. Veldkamp


Introduction 5
Part I. Regional Gravity Survey of Northern Surinam, J. van Boeckel 7
Part II. Gravity Anomalies in the Netherlands Leeward Islands Area. A Summary, R.A. Lagaay 53

Contents Part I

Preface 9
Summary 10

  1. Gravity survey 11
  2. Discussion of results 23

References 42
Appendix A. Tables of free-air and Bouguer anomalies for all gravity stations in Surinam 43
Appendix B. Locations of gravity stations in Guiana 52
Appendix C. Densities of Surinam rocks 52
Map I. Bouguer gravity anomaly map of Northern Surinam
Map II. Locations of gravity stations in Northern Surinam
Map III. Geological sketch map of Northern Surinam
Map IV. Structural map of Northern Surinam

Contents Part II

Preface 57

  1. Pendulum stations 59
  2. The observations 61
  3. The reductions 63
  4. Interpretation 66

References 70
Appendix 71

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