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Actvity: INTEREST: Informed Facility Management from Spatiotemporal Analysis of Wi-Fi Data

Recipient Mingshu Wang

This project aims to develop a framework for better-informed facility management via geo-information derived from anonymous Wi-Fi access point (AP) log data.

As all the data are aggregated at the Wi-Fi AP level, there is no personal information involved in this project. The project takes the University of Twente’s campus as a testbed to monitor and predict spatiotemporal patterns of the usage of different campus buildings and public spaces. The proposed framework not only enables monitoring facility usage with and with only Wi-Fi AP log but also presents a workflow to characterize the functions of different facilities with only an anonymous Wi-Fi AP log.

This NCG Talent Program project has inspired me to further develop the idea with Wi-Fi data, which has led to my NWO-awarded project, entitled “Measuring pedestrian dynamics: doing it the right way” (410.19.002), 2020-2024.


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