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Tuesday, 03 August 2021 17:42

NCG Talent Program autumn 2021

NCG Talent Program

What is it about?

The Netherlands Centre for Geodesy and Geo-Information (NCG) launches a new initiative to stimulate the development of young talent in the field of Geo. This is the NCG Talent Program. This programme will provide financial contributions to activities – in the broadest sense of the word – which promote the understanding of geodesy and geo-information and its social application. Examples include project education in high School, HBO or university, and study days, workshops and seminars of young researchers affiliated to a university or research institute.

A maximum of € 5,000 is available per year and a maximum of € 2,500 per proposal submitted. The NCG contribution must be paid to demonstrable costs of the activity, non-personnel costs, and must contribute to the visability of the Geo-discipline in the Netherlands.

How do you qualify?

The NCG Talent Program is intended for anyone under 35 years of age who is or wants to be active in the field of Geo. In order to be eligible for a financial contribution, you have to submit a short plan of action to the NCG, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including a budget of the cost of the envisaged activity. Plan of approach and budget together comprise approx. 1 A-4.

In assessing the proposals, the NCG board uses the following criteria:

- The proposed activity is innovative, such as the development of new knowledge or new societal applications of Geo;

- The proposed activity is binding in the sense that there are different parties involved or focuses on increasing awareness of or dealing with Geo;

- The proposed activity is inclusive in the sense that it is aimed at all groups in society.

The applicant must indicate in the plan of action how the proposal responds to at least two of these three criteria.

Upon approval of the submission, the petitioner will perform the following actions:

  • - Use of the funds preferably in the calendar year in which the approval was given;
  • - An invitation will be made on the NCG website for a presentation of the results of the activity carried out;
  • - The petitioner can make use of the NCG network for invitations;
  • - At the end of the activity, a short report, together with appropriate visual material, shall be submitted to the NCG that publishes that report on the NCG website
  • - Upon receipt of the report, the pledged amount shall be transferred to the petitioner.


It is possible to submit a proposal all year round. The NCG board assesses the proposals submitted twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and notes the amount of the NCG contribution. If the available annual budget is allocated, no new proposals can be submitted that year.

The call to submit a proposal is published on the NCG website, brought to the attention of the members of the NCG Platform and in the NCG network. In particular, the members of the Platform and the NCG commissions play an active role in the publication of the Talent Program.

For autumn 2021, proposals may be submitted before 19 September 2021. The NCG will assess the entries on within two weeks. Returns to the contributors will take place immediately after this date.



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