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North Sea Geoid
Low Frequency Active SonarMultibeam measurement
Survey vessel HNIMS Snellius


The Subcommission is an organ with members working in different areas of Marine Geodesy. The Subcommission:

  • gives direction to fundamental and strategic research,
  • provides for international contacts and
  • disseminates growing out knowledge and information.

In Geodesy, Marine Geodesy is characterized by:

  • the border crossing character (the crossing of sea/land) of reference systems and datums,
  • the dynamic character of electromagnetic and acoustic information systems, and
  • the specific sphere of work of the users of systems and information.


  • Providing for the realization of an adequate reference system of the North Sea: the geoid, an international height datum, matters of definition of chart systems, etc.
  • Stimulating the defining, the availability and the standardization of position bound and time dependent marine information.
  • Keeping abreast of techniques for production, processing and presentation of data.
  • Inventorying yearly the facilities for education and the relation between educations and professional practice.
  • Keeping up the current national research.
  • Making yearly an overview of international research programs.
  • The tasks of the Subcommission are worked out in yearly working programs.
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