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Subommission Geo-Information Models

GeoMetaMatica, L. HeresMetadata principes, H. Aalders

The Subcommission has operated from 28-11-1988 and is dissolved on 20-6-2007.


The Subcommission Geo-Information Models acts as the organ on tuning, co-ordination and initiation of research on geo-information. Besides the Subcommission tries to indentify, to describe and when possible to solve problems in this area. The Subcommission confines to the aspects of geo-information that fit in the sphere of work of the Netherlands Geodetic Commission and hereby she is aiming at the conceptual aspects of the modeling of spatial data.


The Subcommission has outlined a perspective of the sphere of work with the object to steer the developments in geo-information with more directedness. For this purpose the Subcommission has formulated seven themes being a framework for discussion and in which research questions and projects may be placed and tested. The themes are:

  • Modeling of the spatio-temporal reality;
  • Spatio-temporal algorithms;
  • Mutations of databases and database consistency;
  • Multi scale spatio-temporal data;
  • Quality of spatio-temporal data and the modeling of uncertainty;
  • Visualisation and the use of geo-information;
  • Geo-information infrastructure and interoperability.

The themes are described further in the paper Thema's voor onderzoek 2005 - 2010 (in Dutch).


Chairman: Prof.Dr. Ir. A.K. Bregt (Centre Geo Information Wageningen UR)
Secretary: Ir. J. Kooijman (Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO)
Executive secretary: F.H. Schröder (NCG)
Ir. G. Boekelo (Grontmij Geo Informatie)
Dr. M.J.M. Grothe (Survey Department of Rijkswaterstaat)
Ir. L. Heres (AVV Transport Research Centre, RWS)
Prof.Dr. M.J. Kraak (ITC)
Dr. M.J. van Kreveld (GIVE, UU)
Prof.Dr.Ir. P.J.M. van Oosterom (TU Delft)
Prof.Dr. F.J. Ormeling (Cartography, UU)
Ing. M. Reuvers (Geonovum)
Drs. M.G. de Ruijter (Association of Water Boards)
Ir. R.C.J Witmer (Cadastre and Public Registers Agency)

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